Beautify the Home with Shaw Carpet

Carpeting adds color, texture, and softness to any room of the house. When choosing a new carpet, the quality is what matters almost as much as the beauty. Shaw Carpet products offer both and are excellent choices for any room of the home.

Maybe you know exactly what you want in carpeting, or perhaps you need inspiration. Whatever the case is there is something available through Shaw Carpet that is right for you. Browse online for all the inspirational ideas you need to transform your home now.

You can use carpeting to offer sound-proofing in a room as well as added energy efficiency. When choosing a carpet, you must look for more than just the color, texture or pattern. You need to consider face weight, total weight, and density along with price. You also want to factor in the cost of getting the carpeting installed.

Face weight is something that measures how much the fibers in the carpet weigh. The more the fiber weights, the thicker the carpet will be. The thicker the carpet is the more durable it is.

Total weight combines the face weight described above with the weight of the carpet’s backing. The backing does not have much to do with the carpet’s durability. Heavy backing is good but it does not provide enough in the way of knowing how good the carpet is on its own. Density refers to how high the pile is in the carpeting. The higher it is the lower the density is.

Density rates a lot higher than face weight. You want to rate each separately. All the information you need to judge any carpets offered by Shaw is listed online next to each product. The specifications also detail where the carpet is made, usually in the USA, and what it is made of.

To see samples or swatches in person, visit a local carpet dealer. Browse online first to get inspiration and then see your desired carpets in person. This carpeting is made with spill-resistant technology and waterproofing which will add to your peace of mind.

You will get a beautiful carpet for any room of your home in any pattern or color you wish. You also get the security of knowing that the carpet is made with stain resistance that allows you to own your carpet without worry for a lifetime of beauty and durability.